Painting with Words

By- Traci Taylor
January 2017

The calming rhythm
of leaves falling
losing their picturesque golden browns
at the end of autumn
on the cusp of a frigid winter

Nighttime paints the sky
the darkest color of blue
midnight strikes
and only the moon is left to lighten the sky

Within life
lives are influenced by strangers
who pass us by in moments
that expand sometimes into years
time isn’t the determination
of how deep their footprints impact

Standing still
on the horizon of a warm spring evening
surrounded by blossoming flowers
that grow like a metaphor for hope
with all of their colors of the rainbow

Nature is the writer’s
can of paint
to place feelings stuck
in an overactive mind
soon to be formed
into words that project feeling



By- Traci Taylor
January 2015

Walking down the streets of cobblestone,
the bitter cold air burst with a recognized scent.
Suddenly the mind drifts back to a different time.

The senses have a power over the emotions
that can replay vivid memories within an instant.
A home that no longer exists remains in certain familiar ways.

With eyes closed images take over the imagination
and the elegant smiles fade in as quickly as they fade out.
Holding on to the past is only poetic if it is left to remain there.

Frosted Fear

By- Traci Taylor
December 2014

Bitterness is far too common,
strangers filled with coldness,
hearts remain closed off.

Warm the woman
with an open heart,
and notice the smile that spreads.

Learning to love life,
appreciate the rainy days,
that is when the sun will appear.

Embracing the falling leaves,
do not place power of fear in the frost,
love is the natural heat of winter.