Building a Forest

By- Traci Taylor
September 2017

There is no beauty
in a forest built by human hands
How can that exist
on a broken plank

I ask you all to guide me
walk the love you feel
through a river that flows the other way
breath in the uncertainty
that this life holds for all

Tomorrow means nothing in grief
our fate is put into question
the sun rises in every horizon
yet loved ones rise with hollow hearts
and swollen eyes

Look around
gravity holds us here
the woods contain our secrets
the clouds know our desires
yet it is the sun that determines our day


Painting with Words

By- Traci Taylor
January 2017

The calming rhythm
of leaves falling
losing their picturesque golden browns
at the end of autumn
on the cusp of a frigid winter

Nighttime paints the sky
the darkest color of blue
midnight strikes
and only the moon is left to lighten the sky

Within life
lives are influenced by strangers
who pass us by in moments
that expand sometimes into years
time isn’t the determination
of how deep their footprints impact

Standing still
on the horizon of a warm spring evening
surrounded by blossoming flowers
that grow like a metaphor for hope
with all of their colors of the rainbow

Nature is the writer’s
can of paint
to place feelings stuck
in an overactive mind
soon to be formed
into words that project feeling


By- Traci Taylor
July 2016

In the middle of a forest
searching for the coastline

Knowing well that it is miles
from where we both stand
beneath the crunching leaves of autumn

The eyes of the future
look as rigorously exposed as my heart

Yet looking away from the pupils
of what possibilities that are awaiting –
my discovery; only peaks curiosity

Gazing into the blue sky above
through gaps of the colossal trees

A sudden epiphany
that discovering love in the forest
is wiser than seeking the unmarked ocean
while you are surrounded by the beauty of now.

Azure Sky

By- Traci Taylor
May 2016

History is bound to be repeated if it is ignored
the sun will set
whether or not hands are held

A heart can only settle if it chooses to do so
the dreamer is the certain one
holding on for that infinite feeling

Lips may move without words spilling out
but the only progress that can be made
is when words are spoken

The mind can drift up into the endless azure sky
and it is easy to get stuck
forgetting to listen to where the heart belongs

Within this one life it seems effortless to feel trapped within boundaries
sometimes it is the invisible strength within the soul
that creates a survivor beneath the surface of it all

Eyes Closed

By- Traci Taylor
December 2014

With eyes closed the smell of the ocean becomes more significant.
The sound of the waves crashing is like music to the ears.

Certain moments in time bring the senses to life.
Songs of the past unravel memories from the distance

Music is the soothing bridge to inner peace.
Words and rhythm combined create colorful poetry.

The musician is the most powerful story teller,
Relating to the hopeful people effortlessly with their words.

With eyes closed the world maintains its beauty,
wherever music is heard like the high tide of the ocean.