Blooming of Enlightenment

By- Traci Taylor
August 2017

Trace your steps backwards
try to connect the dots
the universe has set us on a journey
that leads us to a destination

There are hills of struggle
when isolation feels permanent
even in a crowded room

My soul was lost
for over 900 days
even on a path I knew
like the back of my hand

But I pulled myself up
that October morning
and I’ve been learning
the reasons why
I was meant to see November

Virginia Woolf once wrote
that with age she realized
spring is more rewarding
than the fall

As the flowers bloom
and the birds chirp
I am understanding how
a heart can grow just as the roses



By: Traci Taylor
Poem written in April 2012

“The Earth is shattering around me.
A confidence once so well portrayed has disappeared.
The loss of sensation.
The will to not care
And to shut out the world that turns around you
Do they know how it feels
To feel so small in the forest of big oaks
Reassurance does not come easy
The daffodil in the woods has dwindled
Never to bloom again.”