Dark Star

By- Traci Taylor
January 2017

Circling around and around
expecting the same result
without changing a step
learning that’s how hearts
are broken

Choosing to continue on
is the story of a true warrior
that finds hope even
when the world feels dark
and your soul feels lost

Reaching so far out
that your body loses control
and you almost slip off the ledge
that leads you back to the place
where you feel weighted down
too broken to exist
questioning how people find the sun
when all you feel is rain

Speaking in metaphors
and broken sentences
is sometimes easier
than speaking the words
that grow deep-rooted,
full of gloom in your mind

Still desiring to loath the cynics
but the surrounding world
is making it hard for a romantic
to hold out for the hope
that once burned so brightly within

Dreamers march on
believing that the sun will rise again
and the darkness they feel will fade
the real heroes in this lifetime
are the ones who still believe in love
even in a world full of hate


Lust for a Skyline

By- Traci Taylor
November 2016

What does it mean to love a city?
it means you long
for dreams
bigger than yourself

That your soul is
meant to be free
to line up
with the skyscrapers
that form the
skyline of identity

Yearning to break away
from small town
white fences
and roam the open
minded busy streets
of love

Never being content
with falling asleep
with the sun
but lusting for the
burst of colors to
brighten the landscape
of your wildest dreams

Over the Fence

By- Traci Taylor
June 2016
Within a story unwritten,
there is always a journey that awaits

Blank pages yearn for words,
the kind of elegant sentences
that pour out with ease

Imaginations tend to run wild
when a smile feels permanent

Long and winding roads
are what led to this destination
of hope and pure bliss

It is true that a smirk
is worth the burst of euphoria it represents

Unknowing whether this moment
is “reach for the stars, over the fence, world series kind of stuff”
But isn’t that the allure of trying to discover its possibilities?


By- Traci Taylor
June 2016
Blindsided by the possibility
that in this life
second chances are real

Years of feeling breathless
seemingly lost on a path
going around in circles

Moments like this
are my proof that
romance trumps cynicism

The only fools in this world
exist because they let go
before they had been pulled from the ledge

As long as the moonlight
sparkles upon the illuminate ocean
the promise of the tide will prevail