Painting with Words

By- Traci Taylor
January 2017

The calming rhythm
of leaves falling
losing their picturesque golden browns
at the end of autumn
on the cusp of a frigid winter

Nighttime paints the sky
the darkest color of blue
midnight strikes
and only the moon is left to lighten the sky

Within life
lives are influenced by strangers
who pass us by in moments
that expand sometimes into years
time isn’t the determination
of how deep their footprints impact

Standing still
on the horizon of a warm spring evening
surrounded by blossoming flowers
that grow like a metaphor for hope
with all of their colors of the rainbow

Nature is the writer’s
can of paint
to place feelings stuck
in an overactive mind
soon to be formed
into words that project feeling


Azure Sky

By- Traci Taylor
May 2016

History is bound to be repeated if it is ignored
the sun will set
whether or not hands are held

A heart can only settle if it chooses to do so
the dreamer is the certain one
holding on for that infinite feeling

Lips may move without words spilling out
but the only progress that can be made
is when words are spoken

The mind can drift up into the endless azure sky
and it is easy to get stuck
forgetting to listen to where the heart belongs

Within this one life it seems effortless to feel trapped within boundaries
sometimes it is the invisible strength within the soul
that creates a survivor beneath the surface of it all

Grasping for Hope

By- Traci Taylor
November 2015

Vulnerability is standing on the edge of hope,
eyes shut and knowing failure is an option.

Courage is built from mistakes in the past,
that have wounded the heart with a shard of glass.

For the people that continue to live through each day,
regardless of the darkness it may be filled with.

Secretly longing for light to shine through,
unknowing when or if that time will come.

Being open to possibility feels unsafe,
but the rainbow never appears until after the rainfall.

Holding on in the storm and seeking out tomorrow,
is grasping onto hope at the most vital of times.

Standing Strong

By- Traci Taylor
March 2015

As the days go by I’ve learned not to run.
Breath in the present and stand firm,
don’t let a spectator steer your fate.

Life may not be forever sunny-
There is no ultimate promise of happiness.
Looking within yourself and discovering the will to fight.

Becoming your own reason to smile
That is the most rewarding way to live.
Stop letting the naysayers tear you a part.

Today is not tomorrow –
step by step, day by day.
Learn to not become overwhelmed.

As children strangers can become friends,
when we grow friends may turn into strangers.
Time seems simpler when we close our eyes and learn to trust ourselves.