Painting with Words

By- Traci Taylor
January 2017

The calming rhythm
of leaves falling
losing their picturesque golden browns
at the end of autumn
on the cusp of a frigid winter

Nighttime paints the sky
the darkest color of blue
midnight strikes
and only the moon is left to lighten the sky

Within life
lives are influenced by strangers
who pass us by in moments
that expand sometimes into years
time isn’t the determination
of how deep their footprints impact

Standing still
on the horizon of a warm spring evening
surrounded by blossoming flowers
that grow like a metaphor for hope
with all of their colors of the rainbow

Nature is the writer’s
can of paint
to place feelings stuck
in an overactive mind
soon to be formed
into words that project feeling


Seeking a Reflection

By- Traci Taylor
September 2016

It is a bitter pill to swallow
looking around at faces
that look through you like glass
into another humans heart-shaped eyes

Sudden feeling of isolation
being in a crowded room
but seeming to be
alone at sea

Piercing is the alarm
that signals with red flags
to assure that this storm
is merely temporary

the simplicity of love
the kind that makes others
write home about

Facing the bottom
of an empty barrel
where letters were once stacked high

some of us
aren’t meant to see
but ourselves
in the reflection of the mirror

Keys to the Heart

By- Traci Taylor
September 2016
(In loving memory of Alice Valeri aka MomMom)

It’s within the streaking of the sky
that we often look for answers

When answers are not found
we try to create illusions to escape to

Breaking away from the body that traps us
and the emotions that in sadness drown us

In this life it slips our minds
that there is a beginning and an end

The purpose is to gain keys
that have the power to open hearts

And to create stories through actions
that leave memories for when the end is near

The streaks in the sky may fade
but the answers can be found within the turning of the key

Love Thy Flaws

By- Traci Taylor
August 2016

There is no beauty
in a clear blue sky
my heart refuses to give way
to a landscape without imperfection

It is the damaged soul
that can relate only
to the rough waters of the sea

Fences may box a person in
but who would risk opening up
to a human that is golden
when inside all that is felt is darkness

Trust is as precious as
a heart that now resembles stained glass
only the reflection in the mirror could comprehend

Chaos is elegance
waterfalls glisten in the rain
no one ever saw a rainbow appear before a storm
so how could love possibly blossom from perfection?


By- Traci Taylor
August 2016

A blank slate
saying goodbye in the rear-view

Lights reflect, illuminate
Sick of wanting tomorrow to never rise

Sounds of silence
the answer is found within subconscious thought

Familiar comfort, smell of home
happiness is only found in selfishness

The unpaved road of wonder
a person can’t be selfless until they are content

Breathless, beautiful smile
still unknown, but hoping to be discovered

Time is endless, relentless
patience that the present is on course.


By- Traci Taylor
August 2016

From the edge of the mountain
overlooking the landscape
skyscrapers of failure appear

Suddenly shrunk by fear
the dream is evaporated
by a mindset

To rise, is to climb
discovering the path back upward
the stepping stones to not give up

Breathing in what lies before
exhaling the cynicism
of chances not taken

Spreading wings to vulnerability
that self-love will take flight
and fear will not succumb the grail

Yellow Sun (Umbrella)

By- Traci Taylor
July 2016

A river that flows
through the veins
of the earth

Does not yet compare
to the elegance of hope
that lingers in your soul

Open spaces leave opportunities
to wander an elongated path
that not even a stream of water can follow

Such a world filled with mystery
should it really only have purposes of beauty
existing only for gratitude

Compassionate as the bluest sky
that falls into darkness
as the sun kisses adieu to the horizontal view

Not only are the sites what blesses
a heart longing to connect
but a life seeking the rawness of love